Augmenting Muscles

Craving for those bigger biceps, muscular forearms, 6 pack abs or broad muscular chest? In order to optimize your muscle building it is important to understand the calorific requirements of our body. It is one of the basic feature of our metabolism where our body synthesizes more protein than our actual protein intake. This process is called protein synthesis. According some experts it is important to build and store new protein before our body completes breaking the old protein reserves. As per the landmark study in the Journal of Applied Physiology every one pound or 0.454 Kg of body weight requires 1 gram of protein intake. For example for a man weighing 72 Kg the daily protein intake is 160 gms approx. This the average protein intake that may be synthesized by our body. Apart from the aforementioned protein one also needs to monitor the regular calorie intake and there are various formulae to calculate the calorific requirements of every person.

Lift Big Gain Big

There is no doubt that isolation gym trainings have their own value but mere biceps curls won’t help you gain large muscles or big biceps. The work outs involving multi-joint movements, such as dumbbell row rep that challenges biceps, abs and lats, have the greatest impact in stimulating multiple muscle groups. So, the isolated workouts may be essential but they can’t be the spine of your muscle building program while working out in a gym. To build larger muscles you need larger challenges to be posed before your body. Gain in muscles could be achieved only when you go for bigger workout methods in gym, especially with respect to the weight training.

You need not have to pump out 10-15 reps, although it might be useful but for multi-joint moves like bench press and squats, you may opt for lesser reps, like 5-6, this will allow you to use more weight, and build more pure strength. This strength would be useful in increasing your weight lifting capacity and hence will help you to get bigger muscles. If you are ready to do it and are searching for a place in Pashchim Vihar to guide you achieve the V-shaped perfect muscular body you must register with Fitholic Gym.

Say “Yeah” to a pre-workout Drink

According to studies world wide a shake or drink with proportionate ingredients of protein and other essential elements taken before workout has proved to deliver a better result. So, next time carry your sipper when heading for the gym. The amount of protein must not be more than 20-30% of the intake. This drink must also include apt carbohydrates. A mixture of carbohydrate-protein is necessary for the supply of amino acids to your system.

To conclude we at Fitholic Gym would say just one thing “Eat in Schedule and Workout in Schedule” is the mantra for that dream body you are trying to build. Register today and we will grant you the access to another world of greatness and health. 

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