Health is the Biggest Wealth in Life

What is the biggest gift in life before which nothing stands?  Indeed, health is the biggest wealth in life. It means that health capacitates a person to enjoy the wealth we earn and we have.

This brings us to another question: What are the factors that keep a person in good health? A further probe in the matter concludes that it is holistic approach to life where mind, body and spirit (soul) dance a tango all hand in hand keep a person supremely fit and healthy. Keeping fit is not that easy unless we dedicate our time (and energy) on it as specific (and prime) requirement of life.

Fitholic Gym in entire scheme of holistic health fits the bill. Spread over 3500 square feet, Fitholic Gym is laced with all the modern fitness equipment (for aerobic cardio exercises, anaerobic muscle strength workout, hammer strings and others), well-trained coaches and real life champions (drawn from wrestling, modelling, athletics, body building, boxing and weight lifting), nutritionists and physiotherapists.

The Gym also provides facilities of spa and cafeteria for keeping healthy lifestyle with recommended beverages and medicinal herbs. If requested by the health enthusiasts and members of the Gym, Fitholic arranges for therapists practicing naturopathy and Yoga teachers who give pointed advice on right body posture and right way of breathing with a view to keep respiratory system and all the muscles in correct place.

All the progress takes place outside the comfort zone and that outside place away from your comfort zone is Fitholic Gym where you take first step to shape your health and keep yourself fit. First move and first day may hurt you with a little pain as you are stepping out of your home -the usual comfort zone.

Always remember the famous American body builder and four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler (born on August 3, 1973). He says, ‘What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow’. We at Fitholic are committed to your health – ‘Fit India, Healthy you’. JAY HIND.

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