This is the second part of the series “Dumbbell Weight Training”. Till now we discussed how the simplest accessory in weight training i.e. dumbbell may transform your entire workout results. In the last part, I told you about 3 workouts using a dumbbell, we are going to discuss further workouts in the series.

Without any further ado let’s start with our 5th workout. Know this, how to dumbbells might be used. And how to improve the muscular appearances of every part of the body.

Dumbbell Weight Training for Lunge

Lunge: The lunge workout would be done without using weights, but a lunge with dumbbells provides additional work for the upper muscles of the leg and the muscles of the buttocks. Lunges with dumbbells need proper balance, so I would suggest that you start off by doing the exercise without dumbbells and learn the proper form. This workout is a great addition to any lower body strengthening target as well as circuit training exercises. The quadriceps muscle in the front thigh is the focus of the lunge.

Dumbbell Weight Training for Triceps Kickback

Triceps Kickback: This workout helps you learn how to target the triceps. Choose a weight that’s a little bit challenging yet allows you to achieve all of the sets without straining. Make sure you’re using proper form in order to properly and safely workout the muscles. Enhance the intensity of these workouts by keeping the triceps in the top position for few seconds longer.

Dumbbell weight training
Dumbbell weight training

Overhead Triceps Extention with Dumbbell Weight Training

Overhead Triceps Extension: As you may have anticipated, the overhead triceps extension focuses on the triceps muscle. As the name suggests, the triceps muscle consists of three “heads” the long, medial, and lateral head. The overhead triceps extension affects all three heads of the muscle, but it specifically targets the long head of the triceps. This workout also affects your core muscle. You must stand with weight above your head. Your abdominal muscles get activated to stabilize the movements. This static contraction is an additional benefit of the overhead triceps extension.

Perform it correctly

You might think that while our last blog gave you some simple workout options with the dumbbell, the current piece has presented some technically challenging workouts and how are you going to perform them correctly. You are absolutely right. Although You have done these exercises. Their results could be magnified if this has done under the guidance of an expert.


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