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This policy statement shares information on the various disciplines and duties followed by the Fitholic Gym and its subsidiaries, affiliates and aligned companies in ensuring the data protection of an individual who is member of this fitness club. This Privacy Policy is ascertained with respect to the services offered by Fitholic India Pvt Ltd.

The Privacy Policy Statement

All the employees, members from the management and staff at Fitholic swears to keep secret the members data and never to disclose it to the third party, whatsoever, happen. They all pledge to keep all members personal data confidential gathered, stored and used by the company at its various processes. In case of data required by a third party in a legitimate manner will provided to them after being qualified from set process for data disclosure.

Kind of Personal Data Collected

To participate in activities carried out the Fitholic including membership registration of fitness centers and online payment of services, a person is required to make available following information without which certain services by the companies could not be passed out to the customer.

  • Member’s Name,
  • Correspondence address, and/or billing address of a member,
  • Payment details, including credit card and banking information,
  • Contact details, including contact name and telephone number or email address,
  • Image of a member taken at Fitholic premises for official purposes.

Fitholic may share member information to the third parties for optimizing its own services by data analysis for consulting services. However, the third party service provider can’t use that data other than meant purposes.

The set of data that is optional and is required for improving services offered to the members. Needed for the personalized services, the data is imperative to offer entire set of services without any obstruction. The data details thus are required as:-

  • Members’s Age,
  • Gender,
  • Employment Details and Salary,
  • Education and Profession,
  • Hobbies and Leisure Activities,
  • Family details

Under certain norms, telephone calls made in response of our queries and orders are being recorded for the purposes of quality control, appraisal, as well as staff management and development. As far as unless directed at the time of calling, such recordings are NOT deemed as personal data and a caller therefor can’t claim right to that data. However, every caution is being take for the protection of telephonic data and preventing it from unauthorized access.

Accuracy of Personal Data

To ascertain the validity of data Fitholic carries out audit of data from time to time under the accepted norms and practices. The validation of credit card number details is being there carried out and other verification process out there is tally the pre-existing data and new data. Sometimes, the company do also require original documents for verification of personal credentials or address proof.

Storage and Retention of Personal Data

Fitholic takes extreme measures to secure your data. The digital information is kept at the highly secure servers and hardcopy formats are restored ate the highly secure locked spaces. However, there is no guarantee of data over internet and its security can be compromised out there and Fitholic will not be held responsible for the unauthorized access of information over internet. The company keeps the right to destroy the data according to its internal retention policy. The data will be retained by the company as long as it is required by the company for the intended purpose it has been collected.

Disclosure Policy of Personal Data

As the member’s data with company is highly secure and confidential, however, it is on the desecration of the management that data could be used for variety of purposes and activities. The data could be used for sharing among the following parties:-

  • Any subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies and affiliates working under the jurisdiction of the company or working common ownership of the company.
  • Any individual or company acting on behalf of the Company, or associated with Fitholic can have access to the data working for a common purpose.
  • Any individual or company that has taken oath of confidentiality can have access to that data for the legitimate purpose and utility.
  • Financial bodies like charge or credit card issuing companies, credit information or reference bureaux, or collection agencies can have access to that data under certain procedural norms.
Security of Personal Data

Security of personal data, whether, it is kept in physical records or is online, we preserve to the best of our knowledge in the locked areas or in highly secured computer servers. Access to that data is only provided to the authorized members from the management and staff members. Encryption technology, like SSL, could also be used for the transmission of online data.

Access to the Personal Data by Members

Members enjoys the right to have access to their data in following conditions.

  • In order to ascertain whether the company keeps any personal data about them and has right to copy of that data.
  • To carry out any update to the data that a member deems to be incorrect and needs correction.
Change in Policy

Fitholic keeps the right to make any change into the policy accordance to any changes occurred into local legislation or meet any imperative change occurred at Business model.


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